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Drought, earthquakes, mudslides, riots and endless freeway construction — Los Angeles never feels far from an apocalypse of one kind or another. So when the end times come, we're bound to be ready. Bring on the rapture!

This year's Best of L.A. issue pays homage to all the places in the city we're just not ready to say goodbye to yet. We've now compiled your nominations into a list of finalists -- and it's time to vote on the winners.
Cast your ballots in any of our 100 categories ranging from Best Karaoke (what better way to party away your last night on earth?) to Best Taco Truck (because if the end is coming, you'd better bet we want double the usual order). 
Votes will be accepted through September 22, with winners announced in our October 2 Best of L.A. issue.
The end is nigh! Cast your ballot now -- before the big one hits. 
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